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"CHAOS was the LAW of NATURE,

 ORDER was the DREAM of MAN."

Henry Adams

Global Quant Labs

Who we are?

  • A global group of Traders and Quants.

Why we are doing it?

  • We believe, markets are not perfect. Information is not fully gathered in prices.

  • Maschine Learning as a new discipline in statistics provides practical methods to derive new forecasts methods.  

What we do?

  • Predictive Analytics of real and digital Assets

How we do it?

  • Global human Teams build RoBots (ML Engines) what learn rational and irrational behaviour of the markets.

How do the RoBots learn?

  • Bots are ether based on fundamental Models, to recognize those appearance, or develop them self by Directed Machine Learning.

  • Virtuelle Evolutionary Processes, incentivised by the natural log of wealth (ln(w)), punish or reward all bots.

What do the RoBots produce?

  • All Bots must generate Forecasts, such that entropy is minimized and information is maximized.


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